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SDOT and Parks Partner to Build New Sidewalk

The Parks Department is in the process of putting the finishing touches on one of our city’s newest parks just north of the Northgate Mall.  Hubbard Homestead Park sits on the site of a former park and ride.  While commuters will still be able to catch the bus on 5th Ave NE, the sea of asphalt (see image below) that once supported the park and ride is now long gone.  In its place are 3.7 acres of landscaped open space.

Location of the new park (click for larger image)

In late 2009 SDOT and the Department of Parks and Recreation agreed to share the cost of constructing a new sidewalk on the west side of  NE 112th St and 3rd Ave NE.  What was once a gravel shoulder often crowded with parked cars will soon be transformed into a lovely walkway lined with new landscaping.  The sidewalk will be 260 linear feet long of twelve foot wide sidewalk which connects to existing sidewalk to the north.  New curb ramps will be installed at the intersections and a nice curb bulb will be installed to helps peds cross the often busy NE 112th St.  New drainage structures will also be put in place to allievate existing surface water problems in this area.

West Side of 3rd NE Before Construction (click for larger image)

Construction of the new sidewalk is expected to be completed next week and the new park should be opened to the public after remaining on-site drainage work is finished.  Parks will also construct a new skate spot at the park later this summer.  With sidewalks, skateboards, bus stops, and bike lanes of 5th Ave NE, Hubbard Homestead Park is truly a multi-modal destination.