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Aurora Street Improvements in Full Swing

Halladay at Aurora prior to construction (click for larger image)

About a month ago we told you of roadway improvement work that was about to begin on Aurora Avenue North.  Now that a few weeks have passed, this work is in full swing!

SDOT crews have substantially completed the reconfiguration of the intersection of Aurora and Halladay Street.  Site of nearly 20 rear end collisions per year prior to this work, this project will significantly improve safety for access to and from Aurora.  The old median island was constructed with asphalt and traffic curb (also known as c-curb).  The new island was constructed entirely of concrete to provide a longer life span and a good walking surface for pedestrians. 

SDOT Crews put the finishing touches on the new and improved media island (click for larger image)

This Saturday, May 21st, SDOT crews will be installing in-pavement reflective lane markers along the Green Lake Curves.  The section of Aurora Avenue North from the north end of Woodland Park (N 63rd St) to the signalized intersection at Winona Avenue North has a series of horizontal curves with a fixed concrete barrier dividing the roadway. Collisions with the concrete barrier are common in this area.  This project will install in-pavement reflective lane markers to provide drivers with additional guidance through this series of curves in an effort to reduce hit fixed object collisions. SDOT recently completed a similar project on Aurora for the horizontal curves near Crockett Street.

SDOT crews will be installing the lane markers on Saturday morning, weather permitting.  In order to provide minimal disruption to traffic, crews will perform this during off peak traffic hours and utilize a mobile installation strategy.  Drivers can expect short term lane closures and minimal delays.  Work should be completed in less than three hours. 

All of this work is made possible by the Aurora Traffic Safety Project, a two-year effort to improve collisions on Aurora through low-cost engineering, enforcement, and education efforts. 

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Tune in to the SDOT Blog next Friday to read about our now-functioning radar speed signs on Aurora and our plans for the intersection of Aurora & N 130th St.