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Citizen Oversight of the Bridging the Gap Levy

Concerned about how Bridging the Gap (BTG) levy funds are being used in Seattle? Then you will be pleased to know that a citizen-led Bridging the Gap Levy Oversight Committee ensures that these vital funds are appropriately spent on addressing Seattle’s maintenance backlog and enhancing its transportation infrastructure.

This committee is made up of members of the community, your neighbors, who work to ensure that BTG delivers on the promises made when it was approved by voters in 2006. It consists of 15 members – five who are appointed by the mayor, five who are appointed by the Seattle City Council and five members set by the legislation. Those five statutory members include the city budget director, the chair of the council’s Transportation Committee and one member each representing the Bike, Pedestrian and Freight Advisory boards.

They meet quarterly to review the BTG program. They are charged with monitoring revenues, expenditures, and program and project implementation. The committee also reviews the annual work plans for Bridging the Gap’s program and project priorities, along with spending and revised financial plans. They also make recommendations to the mayor and city council regarding the spending of levy proceeds.

All BTG Levy Oversight Committee meetings are open the public and the next meeting will happen on October 19, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., in the City Hall Boards and Commissions Room (L-280). The committee encourages members of the community to come and hear about BTG, and the work that is happening across the city. There is also time for public comment at the beginning of each meeting.  If you would like more information about BTG or the oversight committee, please visit our web page.