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SDOT’s Surface Repairs Fixing Roadways

Last month Mayor McGinn and the Seattle City Council announced that the city would commit an additional $3 million to help repair Seattle’s streets in 2011. By using part of the proceeds from the sale of the Rubble Yard, a parcel of land owned by SDOT, the money helps the department complete even more roadway improvement work in 2011. The funding, in addition to letting us fill more potholes, allows SDOT to complete 15 to 20 more improvement projects such as concrete panel replacement or resurfaced asphalt segments. 

Your Surface Repair Dollars at Work

What does this mean for drivers? It means more roadways like the south approach to the University Bridge. Earlier this year it was a rutted surface that no one liked to travel on. Now, after August surface repairs that stretch across all lanes, it is a smooth, drivable roadway. Look for more roadway improvement work by SDOT as we take these surface repair funds and keep fixing city streets.