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Go Green with ORCA Blue

It won’t get you into the Seattle Aquarium, but it will get you there by train, bus, or even on the ferry.  Riding transit in the Puget Sound is just one card away.

The ORCA (One Regional Card for All) was introduced in April 20, 2009, followed by an extensive public launch in 2010. Purchase an ORCA card for just $5 and load it with a variety of passes in person or online and start using the transit network. You’ll save time and energy, and be doing your part to preserve the natural beauty of our Pacific Northwest.

Every ORCA card has the ability to hold both a monthly product like a bus or ferry pass, and an EPurse which allows the ORCA to act like a debit card for transit. A monthly pass gives the user unlimited trips each month at a specific fare value. The Puget Pass loaded to your ORCA is valid fare on bus, light rail and train and is available in a range of fare values that can be applied to each agency trip. If the fare for the trip is higher than the value on your card, you just need to pay the difference.

When using the EPurse function of the ORCA card, the value of each trip taken is deducted from the card. An electronic transfer is activated on trips taken within two hours.

When combined with the EPurse, a monthly pass product on the ORCA can provide seamless transportation on bus, train, light rail and ferry. 

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