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Get Behind the Box

The bike box is an intersection safety design to prevent collisions. It is a painted green space on the road with a white bicycle symbol inside. In some locations it includes a green bicycle lane approaching the box. The box creates space between motor vehicles and the crosswalk that allows bicyclists to position themselves ahead of motor vehicle traffic at an intersection.  Several of these new safety features have been installed on Seattle streets including the freshest bike box at 34th and Fremont.

The main goal of the bike box is to improve safety by increasing awareness and visibility of cyclists, helping cyclists make safer intersection crossings, and encouraging cyclists to make more predictable approaches to and through an intersection.

When the traffic signal is yellow or red, motorists mush stop behind the white stop line. Don’t stop on top of the green bike box.  Keep it clear for cyclists to use.

When the light turns green, motorists and cyclists may move through the intersection as usual, with cyclists going first. Motorists turning right on green should signal and watch for cyclists to the right, especially in the green bike lane in the intersection.

When the traffic signal is yellow or red, cyclists should enter the bike box from the approaching green bike lane and stop before the crosswalk.

When the light is green, proceed as normal. Be aware of right-turning motorists, especially while in the green bike lane in the intersection.

Check out this informative video about bike boxes put together by our neighbors in Portland.