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Help us get rid of graffiti!

Photo by pmocek.

Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) Parking Operations and Traffic Permits Manager, Mike Estey, says department crews have a 95% success rate of reducing graffiti on pay stations within six days of being reported.  But, obviously, not all graffiti is reported.  SDOT pay station staff also attempts to remove graffiti that is discovered on the machines over the course of their normal operations and maintenance duties.  The pay stations have an automated system that notifies our maintenance shop when the pay stations have maintenance needs such as low paper or communications problems. If crews have time to deal with graffiti while they are performing other maintenance they do so, however, with 2,200 pay stations to maintain, keeping the machines free of graffiti is a major challenge.  Recently the Mayor presented his Proposed 2012 Budget to City Council which includes funding of one full-time position dedicated to graffiti removal from the pay stations.

Until such a position exists, you can help us tackle the taggers by reporting graffiti on the pay station machines by calling the city’s graffiti hotline: 206-684-7587.

You can learn more about pay stations and parking information on our website.