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Buffered Bike Lanes on Dexter

In SDOT’s ongoing effort to install new bicycle routes via the Bicycle Master Plan, we are always looking to improve existing facilities.  Dexter Avenue is one of Seattle’s busiest bike routes and the segment from Denny Way to Mercer Street fit into SDOT’s criteria for adding buffers to the bike lanes.

Dexter Pre-Buffer

With the additional 2 foot buffer that was striped between the bike lane and the general travel lane, cyclist should feel more comfortable when using the facility. Many benefits come with the buffer, like additional room to ride further away from parked cars and more room for people entering or exiting their vehicles.  The striping also serves as a visual reminder to motorists to expect cyclist.  The 2 feet of space used for the buffer was taken from the 14’ travel lane adjacent to the bike lanes.  The travel lane for vehicular traffic is now 12 feet wide which provides plenty of room for even the largest vehicles on the road. 

Dexter Post-Buffer