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Get your Good To Go pass now!

Tolling on SR 520 Bridge starts on December 29, 2011 (photo courtesy of WSDOT)


Most drivers are aware that WSDOT will start tolling the SR 520 floating bridge at 5 a.m. on December 29th. Tolls will be collected on both directions and there will be no toll booths. The toll rates will vary depending on the time of day and number of axels for a vehicle. Tolls for drivers with a Good To Go! pass are $3.50 at peak times (for a two-axle car) and are cheaper during off-peak periods. Drivers will save $1.50 in tolls each time they cross the SR 520 Bridge with a Good To Go! pass. The toll will be automatically deducted from vehicles with a pre-paid Good To Go! account and those without an account and pass will receive a bill in the mail at a higher toll rate ($1.50 more than the posted Good To Go! pass rate).

Tolling will help pay for the new bridge which is scheduled to open in 2014. The SR 520 toll revenue is expected to provide $1 billion to fund the pontoon construction in Grays Harbor, and the floating bridge construction and improvements already underway on the Eastside.

The sticker pass is about the size of a band-aid (photo courtesy of WSDOT)

So just how do I get a Good To Go pass? WSDOT offers different options, just pick the one that is most convenient for you.

Okay, now that you have your pass, check these steps to ensure you are Good To Go:

  • Activate and install your pass before tolling starts
  • Make sure all account information is up to date, including credit card or bank information
  • Make sure license plate(s) are correctly listed on your account

For more information, check out WSDOT’s SR 5820 Tolling FAQ’s page, including different options to pay the toll and how visitors and infrequent drivers will pay the toll.