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Trail Improved in North Delridge

SDOT crews took advantage of last week’s phenomenal weather to make repairs to an important pedestrian and bicycle link in North Delridge.  This short segment of trail connects the Delridge neighborhood to Spokane Street and the Alki Trail.  This is a popular route for bikers, runners, and walkers.   

Prior to the repairs, the pavement was buckling rather significantly.  The culprit: roots from a stand of sequoia trees.  Sequoias are truly prolific – the trees were more than 25 feet away from the buckled pavement.  And these aren’t the giant sequoias of national park fame.  These are relatively young trees. 

Several long segments of this trail were completely rebuilt

SDOT Arborists were called to the scene to determine the best course of action to repair the trail and protect the trees.  In the end, minimal root pruning was all that was needed to clear the way for paving. 

Crews took care of business in just a couple of days and now the path is buckle free to and from Delridge.     

This issue was brought to our attention by Delridge residents.  Please let us know if you notice buckling on a trail in your neighborhood by emailing SDOT at