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Real Time Signage

Real Time Info for Transit Riders.


Passengers wondering when their Metro bus will pick them up have a new tool at Third Avenue and James Street. Today, SDOT and the King County Courthouse partnered to install a real time bus arrival sign at the northbound stop. The sign faces directly onto the bustling Third Avenue transit corridor and provides up-to-the-minute estimates of incoming bus arrivals for the nearly 900 people who board Metro there every day.

The sign uses the popular OneBusAway program which many riders use on home computers and cell phones. It is the second such sign SDOT has installed on Third Avenue, and more are coming. This SDOT initiative relies on partners like King County who recognize the benefits of better bus arrival information for the rising number of transit users in downtown Seattle.

SDOT is taking the month of March to let folks know about our work to make transit a convenient and viable travel choice in Seattle. Good public transit ties our neighborhoods together, helps alleviate congestion, reduces pollution and improves community health. Transit improvements are one of the best, most cost-effective investments to improve Seattle’s streets. This month, SDOT is launching our newly developed Transit Master Plan. The plan contains important information about current and projected transit ridership and defines the priorities that will guide future transit investments.