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Why is there a “No Parking” Sign on my Street?

Residents often call the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) when “no parking” signs on easels appear on their street. They want to know why they are there, who placed them there, and the duration of the parking restriction.

There are many purposes for “no parking” signs, such as for construction, parades or special events, film productions, for parking a moving van, or for some other use that requires blocking off the parking lane of the street.

Information should be written on or attached to the sign giving the duration of the restriction, the name of the agency or contractor that placed the sign, and a phone number. If there are several signs, at least two of the easels on the block should have this information. If this information is not on the sign, and the sign has been present on your street for a day or more, you may report this to Parking Enforcement, (206) 386-9012.  (Please note that a contractor may set up “No Parking” signs to remove parking to clear the corners, for sight distance improvement for detours, or to accommodate truck turns. However, any use of a T-39 /”No Parking” sign, whether as part of a permitted job or not, requires entry into the online verification database and posting confirmation sheets on the T-39’s. ) 

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