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How do I report…

Report a pothole

Report a pothole

…a pothole?

…damaged sidewalk?

… parking sign that has fallen down?

…vegetation overgrowth that blocks a driver’s line of sight?

…chronic speeding on a residential street?

The easiest way to report these kinds of non-emergency problems on a city street is to use the on-line Customer Request Form on SDOT’s Web site. We appreciate knowing when there is a situation needing our attention. Submit an explanation of what the problem is, along with an accurate location. Our Street Maintenance or Traffic Management crews will follow up on your request. 

However, if there is a roadway emergency—something that could create an immediate danger—please call (206) 684-ROAD (684-7623) right away.  Some examples of emergencies are a broken or missing stop or yield sign, a traffic signal that is dark or flashing, or a tree or landslide that is blocking a street.