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Seattle’s City Center Multimodal Hubs

King Street Station Improvements Continue

If you’ve been reading this blog this month then you know that we’ve been writing a lot about how transit is a convenient and viable travel choice in Seattle in anticipation of the launch of our Transit Master Plan.  

An integral component of our plan to provide fast and reliable transit service is our Multimodal Hub strategy.  There are three hubs in the center city at King Street Station, Westlake, and Coleman Dock.   These three hubs act as focal points for a number of transportation modes including rail, bus, ferry, and streetcar service which are connected to areas that are heavily used by pedestrians, cyclists, vehicular traffic, and freight – hence the “multimodal” designation.  We aim to make our hubs easy use, accessible to people of all abilities, connected to as many transit systems as possible, imbedded within the busy city center, and iconic and memorable. 

SDOT has been working on restoring King Street Station since purchasing the landmark in 2008.  Rennovations have included sustainable design features, enhanced passenger safety elements, and upgraded facilities to meet the needs of rail and transit users.  King Street Station sits in the bustling Pioneer Square and Chinatown/International District neighborhoods and provides intercity and regional transportation services.  Read more about the King Street Station Multimodal Hub here.

Colman Dock - a diverse mutlimodal hub

Colman Dock sits on Elliott Bay and has been handling many modes of traffic since it was originally built in 1882. Ferries from Bainbridge Island and Bremerton transported 8.5 million riders in 2011 including 4.2 million foot passengers. SDOT is currently working with the Washington State Department of Transportation on a major overhaul of this hub and even more transportation improvements are in the works for this area through the Seawall Replacement Project. This hub will undergo a dramatic transformation in the coming years. 

Aerial of the Westlake Hub - click for larger image

The northernmost multimodal hub is at Westlake.  From here you can walk across McGraw Square and jump on the Streetcar to visit the lively South Lake Union neighborhood, hop the monorail to enjoy the diverse offerings of the Seattle Center, or head underground to catch a bus or light rail.  Westlake serves a wide range of people as it sits within the heart of the retail shopping core and is surrounded by offices.  Of course the Pike Place Market is just a few blocks west as well. 

Keep an eye on these three spaces as we work with our partners to improve our multimodal hubs and keep Seattle moving.