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Safety in Construction Zones for Workers and Traveling Public


  New Traffic Control Manual Lays Out the Law

The Seattle Department of Transportation recently published an updated version of the Traffic Control Manual for In-Street Work.  SDOT’s Director, Peter Hahn, approved and adopted the new version with a Director’s Rule, which legally enforces the changes put forth in the manual.

Since the 1970’s, SDOT has published the manual to give guidance to those working in the public right of way to ensure work zones are set up consistent with federal, state, and local standards.  Those standards are designed to guarantee the safety of the traveling public and those working in those construction areas.  The manual was last Involving public and private entities, work on this revised version began almost immediately after the last manual was published 2005.  

As with every manual, this was a work in progress.  Revisions and suggestions kept coming in with this final version taking shape in 2010.  But that wasn’t the end of the work – that was the beginning of another round of review by about ten internal agencies including SDOT’s Traffic Management, Street Use, and Street Maintenance staff.  Then in 2011, external users such as Ness Crane and National Barricade began review with extensive evaluation late in 2011 by the Bicycle and Pedestrian Boards. 

This new edition includes updated sections on bicycle and pedestrian access, new sign codes, added language on curb space use, and revised sketches.

You can view the new manual on our web site at: