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Keeping BTG Accountable

The Bridging the Gap (BTG) Levy Oversight Committee was established as part of the voter approved transportation levy in 2006.  A dedicated group of 15 community members, the committee meets quarterly to track the progress of BTG and ensure that the program is delivering on the promises made to voters. 

The group’s main function is providing accountability on the use of BTG funds.  This is accomplished through monitoring revenues, expenditures and deliverables at their quarterly meetings.  The committee has actively focused on how BTG funding is being incorporated into the various SDOT programs ensuring integration with the overall goals.  As part of their accountability process,  they have reviewed and commented on programs such as Complete Streets, the Transit Master Plan, the Bicycle Master Plan, and the Pedestrian Master Plan, and implementation of the Neighborhood Street Fund large project program. 

The committee believes that one way to assure accountability is to be accessible to the public.  To help ensure accessibility, each of our quarterly meetings is open to the public, with time set aside for people to share their views on BTG issues.  Over the five years the committee hasheld meetings in Meadowbrook, Ballard, Queen Anne, Rainier Valley, Miller Park, the International District, Downtown, Delridge, Northgate, South Park, West Seattle, and Georgetown.

The group has worked closely with SDOT reviewing BTG supported programs; providing accountability; and ensuring that BTG continues to deliver on the promises made to voters.  The committee members take their role seriously and will continue to ask tough questions of SDOT. 

For more information, please visit BTG Levy Oversight Committee website.

BTG Oversight Committee

Current members:

Committee Co-Chairs Ann Martin and Kristen Lohse, Ref Lindmark, Renee Stanton,  Allegra Calder, Betty Spieth-Croll, John Mauro, Charles Knutson, Barbara Wright, John Coney, Jeremy Valenta, Seth Schromen-Warwin, Bob Viggers, City Budget Director Beth Goldberg, and Councilmember Tom Rasmussen


Past members:

Barbara Culp, Thao Tran, Jeff Frkonja, Rick Sepolen, Christina O’Claire, Councilmember Jan Drago, Mayor Mike McGinn, Darryl Smith, Dongho Chang, Dwight Dively, Peter Whitehead, Chuck Ayers, Bill LaBorde, David Hiller and Holly Krejci.