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Have a Story to Share? Help Us Bring Waterfront and Seawall History to Life!

When you think of Seattle’s waterfront, what comes to mind? Do you recall Seattle’s central waterfront way back when? Remember the seawall being built in the 1930s? Have memories of important or special times, people, or events? The City of Seattle is collecting stories to celebrate the history of the waterfront and seawall.

We have an exciting chance to rebuild the failing Elliott Bay Seawall to protect public safety, and to create new public spaces along the waterfront for everyone to use and enjoy. As we improve the future of our waterfront, we also want to celebrate its history!

The City of Seattle is collecting stories and memories about the waterfront and seawall. Your recollections about these central features of Seattle’s natural, economic, social, and cultural history will be compiled and preserved as a bridge between Seattle’s past and future.

Sharing your story is easy! You may submit it to us in one of three ways:

1) Call 1-877-633-2420 toll-free to record your story

2) Send an email to:

3) Mail a letter to:
    Sonia Palma
    Waterfront/Seawall Oral History Project
    P.O. Box 34996
    Seattle, WA 98124

Be sure to include your name and contact information. We may follow up with you to arrange a videotaping of your story. The submission deadline is June 8, 2012.


(206) 618-8584

The Elliott Bay Seawall Project and Waterfront Seattle are part of the City of Seattle’s Waterfront Program, which will replace the failing seawall to protect public safety and create fun and safe new space for things like parks, paths, access to the water, and places to enjoy views, events, and cultural activities along the waterfront.