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Shimmy, Shim, Shim!

Madison before sidewalk repairs.

Seattle has more than 2,200 miles of sidewalk across the entire city.  While adjacent property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) repairs sidewalks that are damaged by City assets (such as trees) or that pose a safety concern.  Thanks to Bridging the Gap (BTG) the sidewalk safety repair program is making a small dent in that workload.

As our sidewalk infrastructure ages, both temporary (shims) and permanent repairs are needed.  Age is one issue facing our sidewalk system; overgrown trees and weather are two other issues that cause damage to sidewalks.  Over the past five years, more than 118 blocks of sidewalk has been repaired across the city and in 2012, 22 blocks will be repaired.  Prior to BTG in 2006, the number was nearly zero.

Madison after sidewalk repairs.

SDOT is alerted to sidewalk repair needs by the public and through our own surveys.  Once a sidewalk repair need is discovered it is evaluated and prioritized.  The list of needs is long and is greater than the funding available, but our crews get to as many repairs a year as possible.  Repairs range from temporary shims to even the sidewalk out and lower the trip hazard to full replacement of a stretch of sidewalk.  Work can also include tree root pruning and removal/replacement of trees if needed.  Our Sidewalk Safety Repair Program is always looking for opportunities to  try new and innovative ideas to help prolong the repairs and life of the sidewalks.

Meridian Avenue before repairs.

There is a lot more work to be done, however,when the work isdone the results can dramatic!  If you would like additional information on Bridging the Gap please visit the web page.





Meridian Avenue after sidewalk repairs.