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Walk this way!

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Did you know that we are working hard to make Seattle more pedestrian friendly and provide alternative options for getting around?

Thanks to Bridging the Gap (BTG), the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) developed a Pedestrian Master Plan in 2008 and is working hard to implement that plan.  Making a city more pedestrian friendly is accomplished through a variety of projects such as new sidewalks, signal and crossing upgrades and access improvements. 

Airport Way after...

Over the first five years of the BTG program, more than 159 pedestrian countdown signals were installed, nearly 80 blocks of new sidewalk wereinstalled and 25 schools saw improvements making it safer for kids to walk to their neighborhood school.  In addition to these projects, 23 stairways have been rehabilitated and 93 crossing improvements were made at needed locations. 

Crossing improvements is a recent addition to the BTG program.  SDOT staff reviews key crossing locations across the city and develops ways to make them safer and more accessible.  Types of crossings improvements include curb bulbs, curb ramps, median islands and lighted crossing signs. 

Each improvement can stand alone or, more likely, be combined for a larger improvement at places across this city.
In 2012, SDOT will continue to make needed pedestrian improvements.  We will construct 10 new blocks of sidewalk, install 25 pedestrian countdown signals, improve walking routes to five schools, rehabilitate 3 stairways and make crossing improvements at 42 locations across the city.  For more information on the SDOT Pedestrian Program and the Pedestrian Master Plan please visit their webpage and for information about BTG please visit their webpage.