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Every Nook & Cranny – Nearly Done!

Talk about your nooks and crannies…English muffins don’t have anything on the Ballard Bascule Bridge!  Take a gander at these crannies – they’re enough to make you seasick…  or at least see green… 

We don’t yet have updated photos from these dizzying heights and precarious platforms, but we do have the before shots to remind us of how hard bridge painting must be. 
I mean, really!  REALLY??  I have to paint THERE???!!
And crews have been painting every last steel inch of the Ballard Bascule Bridge!   

Is it just me?  Because the thought of dangling from these crevices to double-dab a second coat makes me too nauseas to remember that the bridge painting program is an important preservation effort.  Try it, look at this one and try to remember…

See what I mean?  Well, anyway, thanks to the brave and apparently heights-comfortable crew that accomplishes this stuff and thanks to everyone else for being patient while lanes and sidewalks have been temporarily closed.  The best part of the deal?  When crews wrap up the project next week (weather permitting of course) they won’t have to do it again for another 18 years (that’s some good paint)