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Save a little with “Best Value” Parking


In business districts where parking is hard to find, look for “Best Value” parking a little further from the core area.

Looking for the best on-street parking spot to save a little money or park a little longer? As the summer progresses, look for the green check mark on parking signs to find Best Value on-the-street parking areas. These are blocks with lower rates or longer time limits. They may be a little farther from your destination, but they likely have more parking available, making it easier to find a vacant spot.   

Look for the “Best Value” check mark on the parking sign.

SDOT crews are setting up Best Value parking with lower rates in parts of four business districts, starting with the edges of Ballard. By the end of the summer they expect to have Best Value parking also available in the north part of Belltown, the north part of the Denny Triangle, the edges of Pioneer Square, and the edges of the University District.   The rates in the edges of Uptown will be the same as in the core part of Uptown, but the time limits will be extended from two to four hours. 

The goal is to even out the availability of on-street parking in these areas.

In this video, learn about Best Value parking along with Seattle Seafair Pirates in their finest Seafair spirit.

See a map of the 2012 paid parking rate changes on the SDOT Web site.