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Once Around the Web: Watch Out!

In April, Copenhagen opened its first of 26 planned “bicycle superhighways.” It’s 11 miles of smooth, flat bike paths enhanced with air pump stations, synchronized lights and uniform signage. It’s designed to connect outlying municipalities and to encourage suburban commuters to bike as much as their urban counterparts. According to the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, 36 percent of all Danish adults rode a bike to work and 45 percent of all Danish children biked to school in 2010.

In this point-of-view video, a rider from the Danish social liberal newspaper Politiken tests out the route from end to end. Watchit on the Politiken website (in Danish).


The Hidden Dangers of Driving Over Manholes

In Russia at least, hitting a manhole cover the wrong way can really make you flip your lid…or car.


Watch an Entire Bridge Get Built In a 3-Year Time Lapse Video

Go ahead, take two minutes to watch the Monongahela River Bridge being built from Nov. 2009 all the way to June 2012.

Spoiler alert: Here’s what it looks like today:


The best pictures of trucks inside trucks inside trucks

Grist compiles some of the best shots of trucktrucken you’ll see today.