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Get Fit, Get Healthy with the Walk Bike Ride Challenge!

Last week we gave you a breakdown on how each of Seattle’s neighborhoods was stacking up in the Walk Bike Ride Challenge. This week we thought we’d share some of the Challenge’s great health benefits!

In the U.S. over 16% of the population has a gym membership, yet we often overlook the health implications of active transportation. Simply walking and bicycling for 30 minutes a day can help reduce certain health risks.  According to a 2012 benchmark study conducted by the Alliance for Biking and Walking, between 1960 and 2009, obesity levels in America increased by 15% while the percentage of people walking and biking decreased by 66%. The study also found that U.S states with higher levels of bicycling and walking have a greater percentage of the population meeting the recommended 30-plus minutes of daily physical activity. These states also had a lower prevalence of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Seems like common sense right? So why not take advantage of Seattle’s great walkability and plentiful bike lanes to get healthy?

If you’ve been following the blog this summer, we’ve been telling you about the Walk Bike Ride Challenge as a great way to get out and get active.  With all the miles you’ve spent on your feet, you’ve certainly burned some calories. We’ve crunched some numbers and calculated the calories burned by WBR challengers who’ve switched to walking and biking.

Drum roll please…

Method Total Miles Calories
Walking 374 32,725*
Cycling 770 33,110**



Check out those numbers! Keep up the great work and if you haven’t signed up for the challenge, there’s four weeks left to participate. Sign up today!

* based on a speed of 3 mph and an average adult weighing 160lbs
** based on a speed of 12 mph and an average adult weighing 160lbs