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Making parking easier on the Waterfront and in Pioneer Square

More Parking. Less Circling. SDOT has been working with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to provide additional information and supply of short-term parking in downtown Seattle’s Pioneer Square and waterfront neighborhoods. As part of this effort, WSDOT just launched – a new website featuring hours, rates and directions for nearby parking spaces to encourage visitors to spend time in two of Seattle’s most popular neighborhoods during State Route 99 tunnel construction and other local work. The site is designed to help drivers locate affordable, convenient parking, allowing time to enjoy all that the neighborhoods have to offer.

As you open the front page, you will see an interactive map that shows the locations of parking garages and lots in both neighborhoods. And you may find addresses, directions, rates and hours for each parking facility. Plan your visit by accessing information via the Web before leaving home, or via mobile phone.

According to a four-county perception study conducted in 2011 by the Downtown Seattle Association and Metropolitan Improvement District, parking was the biggest barrier for people coming to downtown Seattle, even before construction removed spaces in Pioneer Square and on the waterfront. Survey respondents specifically mentioned a perceived lack of parking spaces and/or affordable options.

Efforts to boost parking are funded by WSDOT as part of a commitment to mitigate for the loss of parking during SR 99 tunnel construction. WSDOT has worked closely with the Seattle Department of Transportation, DSA, the Alliance for Pioneer Square and other stakeholders from the affected neighborhoods to develop a number of strategies to mitigate for lost parking. Some of those include expansion of the City’s electronic parking guidance system, e-Park; improved signs directing drivers to parking garages and neighborhood attractions; and implementation of special events such as a free-parking campaign last Mother’s Day.