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It’s back to school time!

Fall is in the air – the leaves are turning bright colors, the sun is lower in the sky, the mornings are crisp and, most importantly,  kids are headed back to school.  Seattle schools get back at it this week.  What does this mean to you? It means you will see more kids walking and biking on sidewalks, in crosswalks and, in some cases, along Seattle roads. 

Thanks to the Bridging the Gap (BTG) Initiative our school zones are better marked and we have safer routes forkids to travel to and from school.  Since 2007, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has made improvements to 184 school zones across the city.  In addition to making our school zones safer, SDOT has improved walking routes to 30 schools.  Improvements have included new sidewalk installation, improved crossings and new signage.  The Safe Routes to School program works closely with schools and parents to identify key routes and improvements needed to help make walking and biking more accessible to kids. 

As the school year begins,  please plan ahead and slow down and keep your eyes open for kids headed to school.  Let’s all arrive at our destination safely.  For information on the Bridging the Gap Initiative please visit the website.