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Once Around the Web: What’s on today?

Today we have a roundup of some of the more interesting transportation related videos on the intertubes! Enjoy!

Fun at the Crosswalk

Students of digital media design at HAWK University in Hildesheim, Germany, have designed a game called STREETPONG to make waiting for the light to change, a little more entertaining.


SkyCycle: An Idea Whose Time Is Coming?

London architect, Sam Martin has been busy promoting his elevated bike network to Mayor Boris Johnson, who is apparently giving it serious consideration. The idea is still in the concept/feasibility stages and would definitely cost a lot of money to implement but it certainly has an appealing futuristic allure.


The Best Way to Deal With Crosswalk-Blocking Drivers Ever

Atlantic Cities brings us this street treat:

The next time you stop far out into a traffic light, be prepared for eight beefy Brazilians to rush your car, pick it off the ground and move it backward to where it should be.
The auto hoist in the video actually happened recently in Florianópolis, as part of a local Rotary Club’s battle to shame drivers who stray into the zebra lines. With the support of area businesses, the club plans to stage similar pedestrian-safety efforts over the next three years as part of its “Respect Life, Respect the Crosswalk” campaign.


Chasing Ice: A Documentary That Will Make Your Blood Run Cold.

You’ve heard that the glaciers are melting right? Well, hang on to your sun hat, because now you can watch it happen. (And by now, I mean November 2012.) National Geographic photographer James Balog and his team set up 300 time-lapse cameras on three continents to allow viewers to get a real sense of just how quickly these Arctic landscapes are disappearing.