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Eclipse tips: road safety edition

Who’s excited about the solar eclipse? We are! I mean, c’mon, this doesn’t happen every day. The last one was back in 1979 (or about 13,800+ days ago, not that we’re counting). With Monday’s solar eclipse just around the corner, we want to share some travel safety tips, particularly if… [ Keep reading ]

Where the Shoreline Street End Ends: Coffee and Planning

Learn about the 6th Ave W shoreline street end project in Queen Anne over coffee at Tully’s (101 Nickerson St) this Thursday, March 3, 4 – 6 PM. Did you know Seattle has 149 streets that end on waterfronts? These are what we call shoreline street ends. And they’re the… [ Keep reading ]

Help us redesign our website to work better for you!

We know. We have a ton of information on the SDOT website. And it’s not always easy to find what you’re looking for. With your help, we’re aiming to fully redesign it to make it more user-friendly, accessible, and easy to use. Here’s how you can help: Step 1 is… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Watch This!

Unless your name is Weird Al, pop song parodies are seldom successful. Never mind pop song parodies by governmental agencies trying to impart important, if unexciting, information on little to no budget. That’s the basic recipe for a hot mess, right? That’s why this video from Akron Metro is so… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Here’s Why

Ever wonder why? Well, here’s why! Why More Roads = More Traffic Jams Why Buses Arrive in Bunches Why Narrower Streets are Safer Why Millennials Drive Less: Many Possibilities, Few Answers Why Minneapolis’ beautiful bike freeways are totally the best Why Car Makers Are No Longer in the Transportation Industry… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Watch This!

Why Bike Lovers Should Be Happy About ‘Bikelash’ Public hatred of biking culture is actually a natural part of its evolution into the mainstream. It’s all a part of the cycle of social change: Ridicule > Violent opposition > Acceptance. PARK(ing) Day Was Streetfilms First Big Hit in 2006!! Don’t… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Safety First!

Summer is winding down (say it ain’t so!) but construction projects still abound around the city. This week, the New York State Department of Transportation released a new public safety announcement video that reminds motorists to slow down in work zones. It’s effective and sad and very worth watching. “…they’re… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Fun in the Sun

Don’t forget PhinneyWood Summer Streets is this Saturday! In previous years it was always on Friday so don’t miss it! This year, among many other fun things, SDOT will be demonstrating a Pop-up Protected Bike Lane so folks can get a hands-on feel for protected bike lanes. Pretty cool innovation… [ Keep reading ]

Once Around the Web: Highway Funding Crash Course

Step 1: Watch this White House white board video starring Joe Biden White House White Board: Vice President Biden on Rebuild America Step 2: Pick your 10 favorites from these links and read them. Talk to your friends and loved ones about these issues. President Obama to unveil infrastructure funding… [ Keep reading ]

Complete Streets: Providing Safe Streets for all Users

“Complete Streets” is an approach to planning, designing, and operating streets so that they provide safe, convenient and comfortable travel for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, transit riders, and freight. Complete Streets improvements can include safety-enhancing elements such as providing new and/or wider sidewalks, improved pedestrian crossing treatments, enhanced… [ Keep reading ]