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Six years and counting!


This beautiful BTG-funded project on Columbian Way included new sidewalks, street paving, bike lanes and trees.


The Bridging the Gap (BTG) transportation levy program just wrapped up its sixth year of work.  BTG is a nine-year, $365 million levy that is working to address years of deferred maintenance to aging infrastructure.  Approved by voters in 2006, BTG enables much-needed work by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), such as roadway paving, sidewalk development and repair, bridge upkeep, and tree pruning and planting. It also supports the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans, the Safe Routes to School program and enhanced transit. 

You may ask, why should I care?  There are thousands of reasons you should care!  Since 2007, BTG has paved more than 169 lane-miles of road, rehabilitated or replaced six key bridges, constructed 92 new blocks of sidewalk and repaired sidewalks of 143 blocks.  More than 4,100 crosswalks have been restriped; 10,500 linear feet of guardrail have been installed and 45,000 new signs have been mounted across the city.  Add to that the 31 Safe Routes to School projects, the 93 crossing improvements made, the 4,900 new trees planted and 142 lane-miles of new bike lanes and sharrows installed and you have a lot work that has been completed all across the city, touching every neighborhood.  

It is important to note that BTG work is supported by an appointed citizens’ Levy Oversight Committee that meets quarterly. This 15-member body monitors revenues and expenditures, and reviews program and project schedules to provide full accountability to voters on BTG activities.  The committee meetings are open to the public. 

In 2013, we will see even more work completed as SDOT strives to deliver on the promises made by BTG.  Work plans are currently being finalized so check the web page for updates to see what comes next for the Bridging the Gap program!