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Where can I park my bike?


Circle bike rack at Bryant Elementary School.

Now that you ride your bike to work and for fun, you want to know what parking options are available, right?  Thanks to the Bridging the Gap (BTG) transportation initiative, passed by voters in 2006, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has been working to install bicycle parking across the city in support of the City’s goal to become the  most bicycle friendly city in the nation.  The major effort of identifying and installing bicycle parking spaces began in 2010.  In the last three years, BTG has funded the installation of 1100 new racks, more than a third of those installed by the City since the department began installing racks in the 1980’s.  In 2013, under the BTG program, SDOT will install an additional 400 new spaces. 

SDOT works with schools, communities and businesses to identify locations where bike racks are most needed and wanted.  Many installations are made on a request basis; however, SDOT staff also indentifies locations that have a low number of racks which may benefit with the addition of more in the future.  Bicycle racks are located so as to help keep sidewalk areas clear and open for pedestrians and business needs.  As bicycling becomes more popular, SDOT will continue to work with communities to increase the number of bicycle parking spaces, making it easier for residents to ride to and from their destinations. 

Two Cora bike racks installed at Schmitz Park.

BTG funding provides maintenance to Seattle’s roads, bridges, stairways, sidewalks and bike facilities with the goal of making it easier for all users to get around the city more easily and safely.  For additional information on BTG and the work it does please visit the web page.