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Delridge Way SW southbound: No Left onto Trenton!

Construction can be such a bother, interrupting regular commute paths and extending travel times with congestion – but the end results after crews work hard to balance hands-on labor with traffic whirring alongside, are commonly quite welcome.  Well, this post is not about the welcome part; it’s about the interruption part…the project to rebuild much of Delridge Way SW from SW Roxbury Street north to SW Orchard Street that began two weeks ago.  

During this year-long project northbound Delridge Way SW traffic will be maintained but for the most part southbound traffic must be detoured.  That’s because Delridge Way SW is predominately 36 feet wide and for crews to complete their work – including installing 48″ storm drain pipes in the ground below the road – the work zone needs to occupy about 25 feet.  For Phase 1, between SW Henderson and Trenton streets, southbound traffic is detoured to 25th Avenue SW as shown on the map below and for added assistance in traffic flow a temporary 4-way stop is in place at SW Barton and 25th Avenue SW.  The other change in place during Phase 1 construction is a restriction on left turns from southbound Delridge Way SW to SW Trenton Street. 









Before this week, that left turn restriction at Trenton was noted with a detour sign and traffic cones directing vehicles.  But, after the cones proved to be too easy to hit and/or relocate and then area drivers witnessed many cars ignoring the “no left turn” a new visual communication was installed.  These right-turn-only arrows, painted this week, are what you’ll now see as you head south on Delridge Way SW to the Trenton intersection… 

Here’s to smooth travels as Phase 1 of the Delridge Way SW Paving Project continues.  Know that the contractor is working hard to lessen the impact to the traveling public.  That includes a plan to complete work at the Henderson and then Trenton intersections in just two consecutive weekends.  Look for more information on that effort by early February.