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Bridging the Gap 2013 Goals, Part I

The Bridging the Gap (BTG) Transportation levy, passed by Seattle voters in 2006, is a nine-year program targeting transportation maintenance and improvement projects.  The program has set aggressive goals each year and 2013 will be no different. 

This year the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will undertake major asphalt and concrete paving projects on some of the city’s most traveled streets.  The paving program is one of the most visible pieces to BTG and projects in 2013 include paving work along Delridge Way SW and along N 105th and N/NE Northgate Way.  The Delridge project is already underway and N 105thproject will begin later this year and be completed in 2014.

Maynard Green Street NSF project was submitted in the second round of projects in 2010 and was constructed in 2012.

Additional work to be completed in 2013: 

  • SDOT will repair 25 blocks of sidewalk, rehabilitate three stairways and make smaller repairs to 11 lane-miles of road through the Arterial Major Maintenance program.
  • Seattle’s bridges will continue to receive much needed repair work.  Crews will make 190 repairs to Seattle’s bridges, while design work will continue on two additional bridges – Fairview Ave N and Yesler Way over 4th Ave –  to be rehabilitated or replaced.
  • Seismic retrofit work will continue on the Ballard Bridge and the King Street Station bridges.
  • SDOT will plant 600 new street trees and prune more than 3,000 trees. 
  • One Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) Large Project will be completed.  The third and final round of funding for this program is underway.  Projects will be selected this year, designed in 2014 and constructed in 2015.

During the six years of the levy, the city has delivered on the promises made by Bridging the Gap. SDOT has paved more than169 lane-miles of road, repaired 142 blocks of sidewalk, made 1,814 bridge repairs, rehabilitated 26 stairways, pruned more than 19,000 trees, planted 3,329 new street trees and completed the replacement or rehabilitation of six key bridges serving the residents of Seattle.

For more information about BTG’s goals and progress on meeting those targets, please visit the BTG web page.