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Which of Seattle’s bicycle routes are used the most?


Bicyclists on the Fremont Bridge

Bicyclists on the Fremont Bridge prepare for a ride.


Last August in the SDOT Blog we reported partial bicycle trip counts for 2012 gathered in the quarterly National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project. Now we have compiled a full year of 2012 data and learned that the number of trips increased 5 percent from 2011.

The top five locations for the number of trips counted were:

1) Fremont Avenue North and North 34th Street, 4,750 trips
2) Eastlake Avenue East and Furhman Avenue East (University Bridge), 3,013 trips
3) Montlake Boulevard Northeast and Northeast Pacific Street, 2,374 trips
4) Dexter Avenue North and Denny Way, 2,172 trips
5) Alaskan Way and Broad Street, 1,559 trips

Approximately 600 counts are taken at 50 locations city-wide once each season. To see the map of count locations, a tabulation of the counts by location, comparisons between 2011 and 2012, and further information about the bicycle count program, see SDOT’s Bike Data  page.

Bicyclists on the Burke Gilman Trail, view from the Fremont Bridge

Bicyclists on the Burke Gilman Trail, viewed from the Fremont Bridge.