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SPD Launching Distraction Emphasis Patrols on Monday

The Seattle Police Department is stepping up efforts to enforce our state’s distracted driving laws. By now, most people should know that using a handheld mobile device while driving is a primary offense in Washington. Whether you’re talking on the phone or texting while driving, law enforcement can and will pull you over and issue a citation for this infraction. And that’s precisely what SPD and law enforcement agencies across the state will be doing en masse starting on May 20th. As part of the State’s Target Zero Plan and Seattle’s Road Safety Action Plan, which both aim to eliminate serious injury and fatality collisions on our streets, SPD will be conducting emphasis patrols to crack down on distracted driving.

Why is distraction a priority for law enforcement and transportation agencies? Because distraction is a leading contributing cause of collisions in Seattle accounting for more than 1000 preventable crashes each year. Studies have also shown that using a mobile device while driving carries with it effects similar to driving while impaired. There’s no doubt about it, using your mobile device while driving is a recipe for trouble.  

And while many of think that this is a problem with mainly young drivers, people of all ages are guilty of using their cell phone while driving. Check out the video below illustrates this quite well. Thanks to BMW for creating this piece.