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Extra DUI Patrols over Memorial Day Weekend

Mayor McGinn, SPD Chief Pugel, and SDOT Director Peter Hahn annonce extra DUI patrols over Memorial Day weekend

Mayor McGinn, Chief Pugel, and SDOT Director Peter Hahn annonce extra DUI patrols over Memorial Day weekend

The Seattle Department of Transportation hopes everyone enjoys a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend and we’d like to remind everyone to plan ahead if you plan to drink. If you’re going to party, be sure to select a designated driver who will remain sober and get you home safely. Don’t take the chance of getting behind the wheel after drinking. There’s simply no way to drive safely if you’re impaired. Think of others before you put yourself and the rest of Seattle at risk by driving while intoxicated.

Those who make the bad choice of driving imapaired will be greeted by swarms of law enforcement officers. Mayor Mike McGinn announced today that the Seattle Police Department will field increased DUI enforcement patrols this Memorial Day weekend, in conjunction with Target Zero DUI emphasis patrols.

“Recent tragedies on our streets have reminded Seattle of the dangers of impaired driving”, said McGinn. “Seattle Police will be out there to protect people on our roads and enforce the law against those choose to drive drunk.”

More DUI officers will be patrolling Seattle roads this weekend, with special emphasis near nightlife hotspots and on major thoroughfares. The Washington State Patrol will also be out in force on I-5, I-90 and SR 520. The City’s network of Dynamic Message Signs will display a special enforcement message all weekend long to alert drivers to the increased enforcement patrols. With more than 20 Dynamic Message Signs across Seattle, the City will be able to reach more than 1 million drivers over the holiday weekend and make them think twice about driving impaired.

Dynamic Message Sign on Aurora Avenue North

Dynamic Message Sign on Aurora Avenue North

“The days of the police just giving you a ride home if you’re caught drunk driving are long over – if you drink and drive, you will be arrested,” said Interim Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel.

“Through our Road Safety Action Plan, the City of Seattle is making our street safer for everyone and drivers can help by making good decisions about drinking and driving,” said SDOT Director Peter Hahn. “Rather than getting behind the wheel after a few drinks, take advantage of our late night pre-paid parking program, catch a cab back home and pick up your car safely in the morning.”

Consider yourself lucky if you are pulled over by the police. While you’re life will surely change forever as you face jail time, pay hefty fines and go through the legal system, it’s far better than killing yourself or fellow Seattle-ites in a crash.

If you’re impaired, take a bus, a cab, or simply sober up before hitting the streets. Park It, Cab It, Transit – it’s the right thing to do.

Be Super Safe Seattle!