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Don’t Miss it! South Park Bridge Construction Update Slideshow on July 24

Join the South Park Bridge Construction project team for their forth slideshow on construction progress on July 24 at 7:00 pm. Guest speakers will include John Stamets, project photographer, and Tim Lane, King County Bridge Engineer. Food and drink will be provided.

  • When: Wednesday, July 24, 7 – 8:30 p.m.
  • Where: South Park Community Center, North Social Room

    West "heel girder" installation.

    West “heel girder” installation.

The project reached another milestone in draw span assembly with the placement of heel girders and counterweight. On June 21, two “heel girders” and the counterweight box were lifted and placed on the trunnion frame inside the southern main pier, marking the beginning of the assembly of the southern draw span. As King County DOT describes, the heel girders and counterweight together make up the heavy end of the draw span; these will rotate and lower into the main pier as the span over the river raises when the bridge opens. The part of the southern span that’s over the river (and has the “toe girders”) will be connected to these heel girders later this summer. The toe girders span the waterway and support the floor beams, which in turn, support the bridge deck.



As you may have noticed, the yellow crane on top of the old northern pier has been removed; this is in preparation for the demolition of the north half of the old bridge, which will take place after the fish window (the time work in the water is permitted) opens on August 1.

Additionally, the girders between the northern main pier and the pier on the Boeing shoreline were placed on June 6 and 7. Bridge structure is now in place for all fixed spans.

For more information about the South Park Bridge Replacement Project, visit King County Department of Transportation’s website at