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There’s a map for that!


The Seattle Parking Map features real time available parking space counts in downtown garages.

The Seattle Parking Map features real time available parking space counts in downtown garages.


The Seattle Department of Transportation provides maps of all sorts – some you may not even be aware of.  Besides project maps and detour maps on specific project websites, we offer some very handy ones which you might want to add to your “favorites.”

The Seattle Travelers Map which gives you traffic flow, incidents, and  traffic cameras including 40 cameras which are testing new live video:

Love trees? Then the Street Trees Map is for you – it provides locations and information on both public right-of -way trees and Heritage Trees with details such as size, city/park or privately owned, and who maintains.

The Seattle Bike Map gives all kinds of data – bike routes for beginners  and experts depending on your comfort level; aerial views, street views, bicycle data, other transportation, and even points of interest.  You might find the map handy even if you’re not a bicycle rider!

The Seattle Parking Map gives every kind of parking detail imaginable – If you have a parking need, you can probably find out the answer as the map covers  parking garages, garages with Real Time Space Counts Available, on street parking , time limits, residential parking zones, vehicle load zones,  you name it…see for yourself!

If you’re a pothole junkie, then the Pothole Map is for you – it provides location and status of pothole repair requests, repair status of potholes filled in the last 90 days, even the history of potholes.

Have a construction project you’re concerned might impact your travels;  then your first trip should be to the Seattle Construction Map which is very comprehensive.  For example,  there’s information about all on-going construction such as whether there is a partial or full closure of the street or no impact to traffic at all or if the projects requires a closure of alleys.

The Seattle Walking Map was designed to help Seattle residents and visitors choose a walking route that best suits their interests and fitness level.  The routes follow sidewalks, shoulders on quiet streets, and park trails. Want an interesting, healthy and free outing – get on your walking shoes and visit our map!

 Want more maps;  stay tuned for another edition of this map blog.