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It’s getting colder…
Read up now about what to do when it snows!


SDOT’s Winter Weather brochure is now available to help you be prepared for winter storms.


Snow? Did someone say snow? We know it is somewhat of a four letter word in Seattle, but it does happen at times! SDOT’s winter weather brochure is now available, to give you some tips for when the weather gets dicey—say dee-icy!

Do you know the city’s routes for de-icing and plowing? There’s a map in the brochure. Nonarterial streets will not be treated with salt brine or plowed, so if you plan to drive in snow, you may need chains to get from your driveway to the nearest plowed street.

Do you know who is supposed to clear the snow and ice from sidewalks so you can get to the store or bus stop? It’s in the brochure. (Make sure you know where your snow shovel is and have some deicer product handy!)

Do you know where to find out about bus service, road clearing, or power outages during winter storms? This and other handy info is in the brochure.

If you are attending a Seattle public elementary school (congratulations for reading this adult-level material), you will be getting a brochure within a week or two to take home to your parents. You can also get one at a Seattle Library branch or Neighborhood Service Center, and within a week or so they will be at Community Service Centers (Parks). Or, you can find it all online, including the map.

The brochure has been translated in Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Tagalog, Somali, Korean, Amharic, Tigrinia, and Oromo. We know that if you are from a tropical region and recently arrived to this northern part of the planet, you may have never seen snow before. But because we only occasionally have significant snowfalls here, even some of us who have always lived in Seattle can have trouble getting around in the slippery stuff…so we all have things to do to get ready!