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Check It! Delridge Has a Neighborhood Greenway

As of January 2014, Seattle’s implemented nearly ten miles of neighborhood greenways. The Delridge Neighborhood Greenway makes up about 1.5 miles of this amount and finishing touches were recently completed.  It follows 26th Avenue SW for the majority of the route, starting at SW Andover Street and ending at Delridge Way SW. Funded by Bridging the Gap, the neighborhood greenway helps people cross busy streets, discourages cut-thru traffic, helps keep speeds low and protects the residential character of the neighborhood.

Delridge-Greenway-Map RESIZE

It includes basic greenway elements like a 20 mph speed limit, stop signs on streets crossing the greenway, speed humps and signs to help people get to where they want to go. It also adds some great features like a raised crosswalk at SW Andover Street.  Enhancements on SW Genesee near the Delridge playfields include two radar speed feedback signs. The sign helps calm traffic in an area where lots of kids travel by foot or bike.

Neighbors will continue to see improvements this year when SDOT widens the sidewalk on Delridge Way SW between SW Andover Street and the West Seattle Bridge Trail. This route was originally proposed by the North Delridge Neighborhood Council as a key corridor for improving pedestrian and bicycle access in Delridge and will create an even nicer connection to the new Delridge Neighborhood Greenway.