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Campus Parkway Gets Real (Time)

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), in partnership with the University of Washington, starts the New Year with installation of two more storefront real time information systems (RTIS) signs.  The two new signs are adjacent to major bus stops on Campus Parkway in the University District at Alder Hall (near Brooklyn Street) and at Elm Hall (near 12th Avenue).

Alder Hall RTIS Sign.

Alder Hall RTIS Sign.


The new signs add to SDOT’s inventory of similar signs in several areas of Seattle. In 2012, SDOT posted a short article about the initiative to make transit a more convenient travel choice in Seattle.

SDOT’s RTIS signs use data from OneBusAway to deliver predicted bus arrival/departure times for routes using the stop where the sign is located.  When real-time information is unavailable, the signs display scheduled arrivals.  A recent article in The Atlantic Cities explains why real time transit information is a cost-effective strategy for increasing transit ridership and transit users’ satisfaction with service.

Alder Hall RTIS Sign Jan 2014 RESIZE

SDOT seeks to install storefront RTIS signs where there is high boarding activity and willing partners who want to help with sign installation and operation.  These projects are funded by Bridging the Gap and are owned and managed by SDOT.

For more information on SDOT’s RTIS program for transit, contact Jeff Bender at 206-684-8837.