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Northend Repaving Project to Reopen One Stretch of Roadway while Closing Another

Segment of N 105th, closed since summer, will reopen soon.

Segment of N 105th, closed since summer, will reopen soon.

Construction crews working on SDOT’s North 105th/N-NE Northgate Way Improvement Project are nearing completion of the west phase of the work. This will permit the reopening of the eastbound lanes of North 105th Street between Greenwood Avenue North and Aurora Avenue North the week of President’s Day, weather allowing.  The eastbound lanes have been closed since last summer, with westbound travel often reduced to a single lane, all to permit the repaving of the street, combined with the installation of new sidewalks, curb ramps, drainage/storm water improvements, and street light and traffic light upgrades.

The construction and associated road closure are then scheduled to shift to the project’s center phase the same week, at which time it will be the eastbound lanes of North 105th/North Northgate Way between Aurora and Meridian Avenue North that will be closed, and westbound traffic reduced to a single lane.  The closure and lane reduction are expected to continue for about five to six months until sometime in mid-summer. During this period, general purpose traffic will be detoured either north on Aurora to North 115th Street or south on Aurora to North 85th Street.  Truck traffic will be detoured north on Aurora to North 145th Street.  (General purpose traffic heading to North Seattle Community  College, Northgate Shopping Center, or other neighborhood destinations, may also detour south on Aurora to North 90th Street, then east to Wallingford Avenue North, then north on Wallingford to North 92nd Street, and then north again on College Way North/Meridian Avenue North.)The third and final phase of the repaving on North Northgate Way between Meridian and Corliss Avenue North (immediately west of I-5) will follow in July and August.  Fortunately, the width of North Northgate Way in this single long block is sufficiently wide that at least a single lane of traffic in both east and westbound direction will remain open throughout construction.

While it is the repaving element of the project that impacts motorists (along with adjacent businesses and residences), the project also includes the installation of two new dynamic message signs (N 105th & Ashworth Avenue North and Lake City Way Northeast & Northeast 120th) that will provide motorists with real time traffic information, as well as a new traffic camera at 105th & Ashworth to help SDOT with traffic management and safety.  The entire project is slated for completion late this summer.


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