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South Park Trail Talk

meeting1One of the projects planned for construction later this year is an extension of the West Duwamish Trail from where it currently ends at 2nd Avenue South and South Holden Street to 8th Avenue South and South Kenyon.  An Open House was held Tuesday evening (February 11) to review the history of the project, the process by which the selected alignment was chosen, and to share the design of the project.

What was originally just a trail project (a ten feet wide asphalt path separated from vehicles by a five foot wide landscape strip) has been expanded both in scope and in length.  The project now includes a storm drainage system, a new 20 foot wide asphalt road surface, and concrete curbs. Driveways will be widened to 30 feet, and landscaping and pedestrian lighting will be located to avoid potential interference with truck movements.

meeting2Representatives of a half dozen businesses from this industrial area of South Park came with questions about modifying the design still further.  The project manager, Terry Plumb, was on hand to share the design features and construction plans.  A Truck Turning Rodeo – to enable businesses to test the widened driveways and curb locations – is planned for Saturday, February 22.

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