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Ready for spring? Time to shake off the winter blues and walk!


Before Improvements were made   around Aki Kurose Middle School as part of the Safe Routes to School program.

Before improvements were made around Aki Kurose Middle School as part of the Safe Routes to School program.

According to the calendar, we are moving quickly from winter to spring and folks are looking forward to getting outside and getting active once again.  As the days get longer, it’s a great time of year for kids to walk or bike to school.   Thanks to your transportation levy dollars – Bridging the Gap (BTG) – 40 elementary schools around Seattle have gained new and improved walking routes since the Safe Routes to School program began in 2007. This program works closely with school staff, studentsand parents to identify barriers andsolutions to make walking and biking safer and more accessible.

After Improvements were made at the same location at Aki Kurose Middle School.

After improvements were made at the same location, 42nd and Graham Street, by Aki Kurose.

Depending upon the streets surrounding the school, the safety program improvements can include all or some of the following:  new curb ramps, marked crosswalks, sidewalk repairs, new sidewalks and speed cushions. Building off the success of 2013 with nine projects completed, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will make improvements at eight schools in 2014.

New sidewalks will be installed around both Olympic Hills and Arbor Height Elementary Schools.  Roxhill, Salmon Bay and Beacon Hill Elementary Schools will see newly marked cross walks and curb bulbs installed.  In addition, McDonald Elementary will receive new curb ramps; Martin Luther King Elementary will be given new curb bulbs; and Maple Elementary will acquire new curbs to help buffer the sidewalk this year.

Over the first seven years of the program, Orcas Elementary, Sanislo Elementary, Dearborn Park Elementary, Wing Luke Elementary, Dunlap Elementary, Bailey Gatzert Elementary, Concord Elementary, Northgate Elementary, Aki Kurose Middle School, Kimball Elementary and Cleveland High schools were recipients of funding from the program.

For additional information on the Safe Routes to School Program please visit their webpage and for information about the BTG Program please visit its webpage.