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New Flashing Beacons at 11 Schools Improve Students’ Safety

This month, 11 schools citywide will have new flashing beacons reminding drivers to adhere to the 20 mph speed limit in school zones.  For the safety of students, driving the school zone speed limit – 20 miles per hour – is especially important.

The schools receiving new beacons include:

  • Bryant Elementary School/Assumption – Saint Bridget School – NE 65th Street
  • Denny Middle School & Chief Sealth High School – SW Thistle Street
  • SRTS _rogers & 110th eastRESIZEGatewood Elementary School – California Avenue SW
  • Hawthorne Elementary School – 38th Avenue S
  • McDonald Elementary School – Latona Avenue NE
  • Montlake Elementary School – 24th Avenue NE
  • Rainier View Elementary School – Beacon Avenue S
  • K-5 STEM at Boren – Delridge Way SW
  • Whitman Middle School – 15th Avenue NW

Every school in Seattle is surrounded by signs clearly notifying drivers of the lower speed limit. Before entering the school zone, drivers pass a sign alerting them that they should expect to see students. The “School – Speed Limit 20” sign marks the beginning of the reduced speed zone.

SDOT has installed flashing beacons along with the school zone signage on arterial streets at more than 65 schools to provide further emphasis for the reduced speed limit. Before and after studies show an overall reduction in speeding as a result of flashing beacons, with the greatest reduction being by those drivers exceeding the speed limit by 10 or more miles per hour.

To see the schedule for all school zone flashing beacons, visit