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Record Number of People Ride Bikes Over Fremont and Spokane Street Bridges

Warm weather, Bike to Work competitions and improving bike infrastructure seem to be attracting more people to jump on their bikes. Tuesday, Seattle 8080139598_6200bb6d59hit an all-time high with 6,088 people crossing the Fremont Bridge on bikes. And this wasn’t the only location experiencing high bike volumes. Spokane Street had its  highest day with a cool 1,847 people riding by yesterday. The official ‘Bike to Work Day’ is tomorrow, Friday. The weather isn’t predicted to be as warm, but it feels like a challenge is brewing. Seattle, let’s blow these new highs out of the water! Tune in on Monday to see how we do.

Please remember when crossing the Fremont Bridge that pedestrians are vulnerable users too. Ride slowly, or walk your bike and always let someone know if you are passing. Roll on!