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A Bicycle Trail through an Industrial Area

(No, not THAT industrial area…)

The West Duwamish Trail will soon be extended through the South Park industrial area, in a project that combines building a trail where there are no sidewalks, a road where there is no asphalt or drainage – where storms leave small lakes. The work, to be done by Gary Merlino Construction Inc. will begin in June and likely finish by December of this year.

The project will stretch from the current southern end of the West Duwamish Trail at Second Avenue South and South Holden Street to Eighth Avenue South and South Portland Street, past stalwart industrial firms such as Gear Works, West Coast Wire and Rope and Flamespray NW.

The ten foot wide trail will be separated from the newly constructed roadway by a 3.5 foot wide buffer zone. It will cross driveways leading into warehouses, factories and machine shops along South Portland Street, which will be illuminated by newly installed lights between the trail and the private property to the south.


The project will bring Seattle’s Duwamish Trail just that much closer to King County’s Green River Trail and bring the area that much closer to having a fully integrated recreational bicycle trail network.


And the hardworking employees and residents of South Park will be able to enjoy a dry trail, free of parked cars and moving semi-trucks, for decades to come.