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Speed in a construction zone and your wallet will get thinner!

You may have noticed that throughout much of this month our blogs have focused on construction as June is truly the beginning of our heaviest construction season. Did you know that speeding in a construction zone could snag you a big fine or even jail time? Why you ask? Because of the strong potential for injury or death to the construction workers, the fine is doubled in the state of Washington and the penalty cannot be waived, suspended or reduced.  Furthermore, 15th 2RESIZEconstruction workers do not have to be present nor do signs have to be posted warning drivers of the enhanced fines.

So, what is the definition of a construction zone? It is any location where public employees or private contractors are doing construction, maintenance or repair work on or next to a public roadway. A fine can be implemented even if the workers are not present because the driving conditions are such that the zone is unsafe for driving at higher speeds. If a motorist drives in what could be considered a reckless manner  in a construction zone that could endanger a worker, that driver could be charged with reckless endangerment (RCW 9A.36.050) which us considered a gross misdemeanor. If found guilty, the drive may be given jail time in addition to the fine and suspension of the driver’s license.

We’re proud of our workers who are building safer road conditions for all of us and they, in turn, deserve safe working conditions.

For more information please see: Washington State Laws and Funds . For more on Negligent driving, please see RCW 46.61.524