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Have a Super Safe Independence Day


Tens of thousands of people will gather around the shores of Lake Union today and tens of thousands of others will be perched on the hills across Seattle get a view of the fireworks this evening. In neighborhoods and parks throughout the city, friends and families will gather for parties. Yep, it’s the Fourth of July in Seattle when events big and small go late into the evening.

From Alki Beach to the Burke Gilman Trail people will be out in mass all day long. Whether you go by foot, car, bike, skateboard, or unicycle, it’s extraordinarily important to look out for others when traveling. Here are a few safety tips to ensure that this Fourth of July is all about freedom:

Allow Plenty of Time to Reach Your Destination

Plan your trip and be sure to allow enough time to get where you’re going. Speeding is not going to get you anywhere faster and will most likely cause trouble on our streets. Remember, thousands of people will be out and about. Slow down and enjoy the summer scene!

Plan Ahead if You Plan to Drink

Help keep our streets safe by not driving while under the influence of alcohol, which remains the single biggest contributing factor to traffic fatalities, nor driving while under the influence of marijuana. If your plans include some partying, be sure to make your transportation plans before you have that first Summer Ale. Take a cab or a bus, choose a designated driver, or sleep it off at a friend’s house. Just don’t get behind the wheel. The Seattle Police Department is deploying extra DUI patrols this weekend to arrest those who make the poor choice of driving intoxicated. Remember, drive hammered, get nailed – and – drive high, get a DUI. Tell your friends.

Focus on the Road

There’s no doubt that your phone will be chirping all day long as you coordinate activities and post those super patriotic selfies to the web. Whether you’re driving, walking, or even biking, we recommend that you focus on the road instead of other things. Remember, people will be absolutely everywhere this weekend. Make sure you look out for others.

Stop for Pedestrians

The weather is perfect, and, as mentioned a few times above, people are everywhere. As drivers, be sure to always stop for pedestrians. It’s really quite simple.

Have a Super Safe Independence Day, Seattle!