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Central Area Neighborhood Greenway Drop-in Sessions

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Please join us next week for drop-in sessions for the Central Area Neighborhood Greenway. Since our last public meeting in February, we have refined options for the greenway route on the north and south ends of the project area.

This greenway is being developed in close coordination with the 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvements Project and will provide a bicycle and pedestrian facility off of 23rd Avenue. The modified 23rd Avenue is being designed to improve mobility through the corridor, but it will not include a protected bike lane (or “cycle track”). People on foot and riding bikes may prefer a calmer route. For those reasons, and to help achieve Seattle’s goal of zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030, SDOT is installing the Central Area Neighborhood Greenway near this busy arterial.

Neighborhood greenways are safer, calm residential streets that provide a more comfortable environment for people to walk, run and bike. Starting with a good foundation (a street with already low car volumes and speeds), small improvements are made that add up to a big difference. Improvements can include adding speed humps, signage, and pavement markings, reducing the speed limit, and making crossings easier by adding curb extensions, rapid flashing beacons, crosswalks, medians, or traffic signals at busy intersections.

The project is separated into three phases.

  • Phase 1 (E John Street to S Jackson Street)
  • Phase 2 (S Jackson Street to Rainier Avenue S)
  • Phase 3 (E Roanoke Street to E John Street)

Previous outreach efforts focused primarily on Phase 1 of the project. We are completing final design for Phase 1 now and anticipate that its construction will begin this fall.

The drop-in sessions next week will review in greater detail the elements and route options for Phases 2 and 3.

Drop-in Session Details

Phase 2: South Jackson Street to Rainier Avenue South

Tuesday, July 15, 4:30 – 7 PM

St. Mary’s Church School House (611 20th Avenue South)


Phase 3: East John Street to East Roanoke Street.

Thursday, July 17, 4 – 6:30 PM

Miller Community Center (330 19th Avenue East)


Please feel free to come to either session, as we will have knowledgeable staff available to answer your questions and hear your feedback about all details of the project.


For more information about this project, please visit our project website:


If you have questions or comments about the project or drop-in sessions, please contact: Maribel Cruz, Communications Lead (206) 684-7963 •