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Night Out is coming up – time to party in the street!


Anyone looking for a chance to party in the street with their neighbors is in luck. Seattle’s 30th Annual “Night Out” celebration is coming up tomorrow, Tuesday, August 5.

Night Out is an annual national event hosted locally by the Seattle Police Department. It shows that residents and City government can work together to move toward a safer, more connected Seattle. Plus, it gives adults and kids alike free reign on sidewalk chalk and ice cream cones.

Mayor Murray recently laid out a comprehensive public safety plan for Seattle that highlights the importance of providing opportunities for residents to enjoy their streets and public spaces citywide. Night Out is a great way to do just that. It shows that our city streets are for more than moving people and goods. They’re also a breeding ground for positive interactions, creativity, and good old fashioned fun.

Sign your block up for Night Out:

  1. Register your event and add it to the map. (When you register your event in Seattle, most non-arterial streets can be blocked off—without a fee—so you and your neighbors can take over the street.)
  2. Invite your neighbors – print off these materials and distribute around your block.
  3. Promote Night Out around Seattle by liking the Night Out Facebook Page, sharing updates, and inviting others do the same.

If you have any questions, you can email or call your Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator.

And remember, Night Out isn’t the only time you can have fun in the street – learn more about Play Streets, Block Parties, and Summer Streets (our PhinneyWood event is coming up this Saturday).