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Think of our future: Do not drive alone.


The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) partners with Commute Seattleto provide services to employers that help reduce drive alone trips. This summer, SDOT and Commute Seattle worked together to bring out the creative side of commuters hoping to encourage use of every mode of transportation that does not involve driving alone to work. The two organizations partnered to conduct a two month long contest: Creative Commute. The contest encouraged commuters to share the stories of what they love about their commute to work, as long as they were not alone in a car.

Commute Seattle designed and created the contest and while SDOT help promote the contest in the city-wide with employers through the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program. The contests was a resounding success, hundreds of submissions were received. Commuters showed their creativity and made beautiful art to tell their travel journeys’ by bike, bus, train, feet and ferry. Amongst the Haiku, poems, essays, short videos, cartoons and even the one act play submitted; there was one entry that caught everyone’s attention: Lester Tran’s: “Think of our Future.”

In less than two minutes; “Think of our Future” goes to the heart the issue. Why it is important to reduce drive alone commutes. You can see Tran’s whimsical submission here:

Think of our future

To view all of the entries, visit the event’s Flickr page.

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